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At Kannico, we craft compelling Cases for Support with our innovative approach and nonprofit  expertise, ensuring your message resonates with donors and inspires action like never before.

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Isn't it time everyone knew about the great work you do through an expertly crafted Case for Support?


Empowering Your Organization:

The Kannico Commitment to Nonprofit Excellence


At The Kannico Agency, we recognize the challenges faced by nonprofits. With over a decade of specialized consulting experience, we expertly help you articulate your mission and vision, crafting a compelling case for support that revolutionizes the way  you get your voice out there and elevates your impact.


Let us transform your passion into success by opening doors and bringing your vision to life.

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Expertly Crafted

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Let us transform your fundraising with a powerful Case for Support that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your donors

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What can a Case for Support do for you?

Unlock New Funding Streams

A powerful case for support opens doors to new funding opportunities by effectively communicating the nonprofit’s needs and impact to a wider audience.

Strengthen Grant Applications 

With a robust case for support, nonprofits can enhance their grant applications, making them more compelling, consistent and likely to succeed.

Enhance PR and Marketing Efforts

A well-crafted case for support not only boosts a nonprofit’s marketing efforts but also paves the way for strategic partnerships.

The Process

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Document reviewing

We begin with an in-depth review of your existing documents. This step is crucial as it allows us to understand your organization's unique objectives, needs, and voice. By thoroughly analyzing these materials, we can ensure that our strategy aligns perfectly with the needs of your constituents, paving the way for effective communication, strategic planning, and successful outreach.

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Receive expertly crafted content that narrates your organization's story in a compelling and cohesive manner. Our writing process ensures that your message resonates with your audience, effectively highlighting your mission, impact, and goals.

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Utilization Training

Learn how to effectively use your Case for Support. We provide training to ensure you can leverage this powerful document for strategic planning, marketing, partnership building, grant applications, and donor engagement by using modern tools.

Imagine this...

You're at a major fundraising event, surrounded by potential donors who are genuinely interested in your cause.

They've asked you for some  information and you know you need a compelling way to convince them to commit. Without a clear, persuasive case for support, these opportunities can easily slip through your fingers, leaving you feeling frustrated and undervalued.

Now, picture a different scene. You've partnered with us and developed a comprehensive Case for Support that encapsulates your mission, showcases your impact, and clearly outlines your needs. At your next event, when you share this document, you see the light of understanding and connection¬†in your potential donors' eyes. Conversations flow more smoothly, and pledges start coming in, larger and more frequently than ever before. This isn't just a hopeful scenario‚ÄĒit's what can happen when your story is told powerfully and effectively. Let Kannico guide you to this moment, transforming the way the world sees and supports your vital work. Together, we can turn your challenges into your greatest achievements.

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Introductory Offer


Includes the Following:

  • Comprehensive and well-structured documentation
  • Training for effective utilization
  • Access to Professionally designed templates

Do you know how many uses there are for a Case for Support?

Here are some ideas for what else you can develop once you have your Kannico Case for Support.

number 1

Communications Strategy

Analyze donor data to create personalized engagement strategies using key priorities from your Case for Support. By understanding donor preferences, history, and behavior, you can tailor communications, making each donor feel valued and understood. This personalized approach can increase donor retention and boost fundraising efforts.

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Content Creation

Generating additional content such as blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters that align with the themes and goals outlined in your Case for Spport. This can help maintain a consistent narrative across all platforms, keeping your audience engaged and informed about your progress and needs.

number 3

Funding Opportunities


Identify potential grant opportunities that align with your nonprofit's objectives and use your Case content to  customize grant applications and increase the likelihood of success. Additionally, AI can streamline the reporting process by automatically generating reports based on your data, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

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Donor Segmentation and Predictive Analytics


With a comprehensive Case for Support in place, AI can take your donor data to the next level. By understanding the core themes and goals outlined in your CFS, AI tools can segment donors more effectively and predict future behaviors. This enables your nonprofit to craft targeted strategies that resonate deeply with each donor segment, enhancing both engagement and fundraising outcomes.

number 5

Event Management and Optimization


Utilizing the insights from your Case for Support, AI can analyze historical event data to tailor future events that align perfectly with your organization’s objectives. This strategic alignment ensures that each event is optimally planned to attract the right audience, maximize engagement, and increase fundraising potential.

number 6

Impact Measurement and Reporting


Your Case for Support sets the framework for what you aim to achieve. AI tools can use this framework to measure real-world impact and generate insightful reports. This not only helps in refining ongoing strategies but also demonstrates to donors the tangible results of their contributions, reinforcing the value of their support.

number 7

Donor Stewardship 


Equipped with the key messages and priorities from your Case for Support, AI-powered virtual assistants can provide personalized interactions. These tools offer donors immediate and relevant information, guide them through the giving process, and ensure that every donor feels connected to your cause, significantly boosting donor satisfaction and retention.

Invest in Your growth!
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Want to See a Sample Case for Support?


Our Free Kannico impact library contains a sample Case for Support, as well as many other additional resources!

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Is your organization prepared for a Case for Support?


To ensure that your Case for Support (CFS) is as comprehensive and impactful as possible, our experience shows that the following resources significantly contribute to success:

  • Well-documented Website¬†¬†A website that clearly articulates your mission and vision, showcases impactful stories, and provides transparent financial information sets the foundation for a strong CFS.

  • Active Social Media Presence¬†¬†Engaging actively on social media helps amplify your impact stories and mission, creating a vibrant community of supporters and enhancing your overall visibility.

  • Strong rating¬†¬†Organizations with a good score on Guidestar demonstrate transparency and credibility, essential for compelling cases.

  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement¬† Utilizing the engagement you already have with your stakeholders ‚ÄĒ from donors to volunteers ‚ÄĒ adds depth and credibility to your CFS. Showcasing these relationships encourages others to join and support your cause, further amplifying your impact.


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