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Go out and be Brave!

August 14, 2016



The selfie you see above was my “brave” moment of the day.  It was during my first meeting as a guest with the Non-Profit Council at the Delray Chamber of Commerce (a great resource for nonprofits and for profits)...and it forced me to talk to strangers (despite what my parents taught me as a young girl).  The stranger you see next to me is Johnny Mackey, Director of Business Development at All Dry USA.  He gave us some great advice on branding and urged us all to be brave in our attempts to create more business and support for our various organizations.  Johnny explained that branding is multifaceted, and that nonprofits should look to stand out in an arena full of big competitors vying for the same resources.  My top 10 Takeaways from his very motivating talk were:

  1. Engage your audience.

  2. Build a marketing plan.

  3. Know your advantages and use your angle of being in the community.

  4. Establish a corporate culture.

  5. Utilize your local Chamber of Commerce.

  6. Get interns!

  7. Establish partnerships with for-profits.

  8. Think outside the box.

  9. Be proactive.

  10. Don’t let the excitement die!

Something as simple as being brave doesn’t necessarily come as easily to some as it does to others. Luckily, there are many resources available to assist you!  You can start at your local Chamber of Commerce and work your way from there.  There are also many consultant companies that offer nonprofit services, such as The Kannico Agency. 


The time is now, so go out and Be Brave!


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