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You can't be Everything to Everyone

September 8, 2016

You will do yourself and your organization a disservice if you try to appeal to the masses. Here are some things to keep in mind moving forward with starting your nonprofit:

  •  Knowing who your donors and supporters are is crucial so that you can build meaningful and lasting relationships.  

  • You must focus on what You do best, without being overly concerned about what others are doing, who they are reaching and how much money they are raising.  

  • Not every cause is the same, nor is it going to inspire the same feeling of loyalty and passion in donors.

  • Don’t dilute your efforts by trying to blanket the general population.  

As human beings we tend to become concerned with external factors that we consider indicators of success, but this is not important when we are doing really great work that is bringing about change. Excellent delivery of your programs, staying true to your mission and building lasting relationships is where your attention should be.


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