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Kannico Advisory

       Strategic Consulting for Enhanced Impact and Success!

For Foundations

Partnering with private and family foundations to create impactful programs and initiatives that drive positive change in communities.

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For Philanthropists

Guiding individual philanthropists on their journey to make a meaningful and lasting impact through strategic giving and philanthropic initiatives.

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For Companies

Empowering companies to develop and implement effective corporate social responsibility strategies that align with their values and drive positive social and environmental impact.

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For Nonprofits

Supporting nonprofits in achieving their mission by providing strategic guidance, fundraising strategies, and program development to maximize their impact and sustainability.

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Kannico Coaching

       Empowering you to Reach New Heights and Increase your Impact

Our Executive Coaching provides a personalized experience tailored to the needs of nonprofit leaders. Our one-on-one guidance and support to enhance leadership skills and decision-making abilities has proven impactful with our clients. 

  • Development of effective communication and interpersonal skills for better team collaboration
  • Strategic planning and goal setting to drive organizational growth and success
  • Identification and overcoming of obstacles and challenges in the executive role
  • Building self-awareness and emotional intelligence for improved leadership effectiveness
  • Accountability and support in achieving professional and personal goals
  • Access to a network of experienced executive coaches and industry experts
  • Confidential and trusted partnership to navigate complex business environments
  • Continuous learning and development opportunities to stay ahead in a competitive market.
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Kannico Academy

       Our Assortment of Courses Designed to Help your Organization Excel.

Board Development

This course provides valuable insights and strategies to help you recruit, engage, and empower board members for your nonprofit.


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Nonprofit Fundraising

This course offers strategies and techniques to help nonprofit organizations raise funds and achieve their financial goals. 


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Nonprofit Technology

This course helps nonprofits find tools for operations, improved efficiency, and increased impact. It covers software, data uses and latest trends.


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Kannico Case for Support

Elevate your Nonprofit's Impact with Kannico's Expert Support

Unlock your nonprofit's potential with Kannico's expert guidance and fast service. Creating a compelling case for support enhances fundraising, builds strong partnerships, and boosts your impact.

Benefit from:

  • Benefit from personalized consultation
  • strategic development
  • professional writing
  • design services.

Articulate your mission and vision effectively to make your grant applications and marketing efforts more successful. Transform your approach and elevate your nonprofit's success with Kannico's support.

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